2020 took the whole world by surprise! The pandemic has been a very difficult and worrying time but hopefully people are realising what is important in their lives. In many areas it revealed a community spirit that we thought was long gone, but has definitely brought out the best in people! So many things have had to change and we must not let this momentum slow down - climate change, black lives matter, rich v poor, our planet getting to the “point of no return” - we cannot and must not go back to the way things were!

Finally, many are realising that money, power and wealth are powerless against illness, death and global pandemics like Covid-19. We are recognising the importance of health care, like the National Health Service, health insurance and all the nurses, cleaners, carers and rubbish collectors who work so hard, rarely complain and often get paid very little for their effort!

I have watched, with increasing interest, the amazing explosion in the popularity of cycling, which saw in the UK, more than two million people take to cycling at least once a week. I was excited, but increasingly concerned, by this “new way of getting around”.

I was shocked to see the number of cyclists, riding at night time and in poor visibility, wearing dark clothing and with no lights! I soon discovered, to my horror, that there is no legal requirement for lights on bikes, apart from the red reflectors on the back wheel and pedals.

I realised very quickly that, like me, many novice and experienced cyclists had a massive gap in the knowledge of their chosen sport. After researching this I decided to create my website to pass on what I had learned and to offer help and advice where I could.