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Bicycles and Safety - Lights!

Bike Safety -
Lights, High Viz Clothing, Bells,  Whistles etc

Some very depressing reading...
I have been keeping a note of the number of cyclists who do not have lights or high viz jackets or anything when they are cycling at night. It is really shocking that 4 out of 5 cyclists, at least, have no lights and often are wearing dark clothing.

Why is there not any legislation in place to make cyclists have lights on their bikes? 
This country has spent so much on cycle lanes and encouraging us to take up riding a bike. Why is safety not a bigger issue?

What is the penalty for hitting a cyclist?
The offence of dangerous driving resulting in serious physical injury. The maximum punishment  (if the case is heard in the Crown Court) is five years in prison and/or a fine and disqualification for at least two years.
How many cyclists died in 2020?
Outside magazine says the 2020 cyclist deaths at 675 to date, but that's with COVID-19 cutting traffic by as much as 41 percent for months at a time.
How many cyclists died in 2019? 
98 cyclists were killed on Britain's roads in 2019. 4,072 people were seriously injured while riding a bike, down 3 percent on 2018. Total cyclist casualties were 16,873, a year-on-year fall of 4 per cent.
How many cyclists died in 2018?
The Department for Transport tell us that: 99 cyclists died on Britain's roads in 2018, two fewer than in 2017 (-2%); 3,707 were seriously and 13,744 slightly injured.
How do most cycling accidents happen?
Lack of road awareness, failure to judge the speed or distance of the cyclist, the inability of drivers to see cyclists properly and general rash or negligent behaviour, are some of the major reasons why cycling accidents happen.


Cycle fatalities in context
The Five big killers – heart disease, stroke, cancer, lung and liver disease – account for 150,000+ deaths a year among under-75s in England alone.
In 2007, 70,000 died of heart disease. The number of people who died using a ladder was 50. Cycling is not the most dangerous sport.

Thanks to for these statistics.

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